VIDEO: Is it EVER About Timing The Market?


Buyers usually show two sides: The homebuyer side and the analytical side.

Usually, it’s the homebuyer side that shows the truth.  A buyer is trying to move forward in her life, for any number of reasons.  Time to expand, time to downsize, and everything in between.  Home is open, excited, and ready to find what’s possible and what’s next.

Homebuyers are often a bit nervous to be that vulnerable, and so the analytical side comes out.  It the market timing perfect?  What is the case about buying vs renting?  Am I paying too much?  How much will the renovation cost?  Is the stock market going to fall?  Etc etc etc.

The analytical side, however, ignores a couple of truths.  First, home has nothing to do with price.  Yes, homebuyers justify their purchases by talking about numbers, but if they don’t really like or love an apartment on some level, it doesn’t matter what the price is!  All of these concerns pop up when a buyer is simply out of their comfort zone.

Second, if someone isn’t a little open about seeing what’s next for them, the analytical side will win.  But what does winning look like?  A homebuyer will end up not buying ANYTHING, or worse, finding something that really isn’t the right home.  Ugh!  The protective nature of the analytical side will PREVENT the buyer from seeing what’s next and from acting on it!  The same thing happens when people look for romantic partnerships or significant others.  If people get too analytical, they’ll never find the “match.” Because the match so rarely matches the expectations!  It’s something much bigger at play!

My work and my team’s work is to help our clients see what’s next for them.  We call that VISIONARY BROKERAGE.  Let’s get together so we can discover what it’s all about!  Thanks -Scott & The Harris Residential Team.