When It’sTime to Sell

Consistent sales over a decade for sellers is positive proof of Scott’s tailored marketing system.

In New York City residential sales,
world class professionalism is only the minimum requirement, not an edge.

Scott Harris and the Harris Residential Real Estate team have succeeded based on this principle. In the past fifteen years—$600 million dollars’ worth of transactions is a testament to this focus on excellence.

When It’sTime to Buy

Scott’s first step with buyers is always face to face. “It’s a conversation,” says Scott. “It’s an education. We’re helping you achieve a goal in your life.”

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Everyone always asks - whats the best neighborhood to buy and sell in Manhattan? The answer isn't so simple of course, but our latest BHS inventory report might help guide you. media.bhsusa.com/pdf/Inventor… pic.twitter.com/Ih365acmcw


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