VIDEO: Do You Have What It Takes to Renovate? (BTW, you do)

Probably 95% of what I do is empower buyers and sellers to move forward in their lives.  Real estate remains the most tangible expression of who they are.  And what is more tangible than doing a renovation exactly how you want to do it?

And yet- this can be incredibly daunting.  You need patience and a huge sense of humor, not to mention open communication and a strong partnership with your loved ones and contractors, architects.  You want to have a bat phone to your preferred clergy as well, in case you’re having homicidal thoughts…

I only half joke.  But I really have to walk the talk when it comes to renovation. I have renovated multiple times, still have good relationships with my preferred vendors, and can share everything that I know with you.

That’s what VISIONARY BROKERAGE is about.  Thinking over the horizon for you, so you can have the confidence and education to take on a renovation, or any part of the real estate process which can seem overwhelming at first.

Let us help you create what’s next for you and your life!! -S