What’s Your Superpower? (VIDEO) Scott Harris Newsletter March 2019

I’m Scott Harris at Brown Harris Stevens, founder of the Harris Residential Team. Thank you for sharing these videos and posting them to social media!

My 8 year old daughter asked me last week what superpower I would want to have.  Of course, this would be my second superpower, my first being the ability sell New York City real estate!

But let’s put that to the side…

I would definitely want to be able to fly. Soaring in the sky, among the buildings of the city. Probably with some goggles.

Skydiving is the only way I can compare flying, but it was pretty amazing when I did it.  And as we look out of buildings from high floors, that feeling of being up in the air, above everything, that’s the feeling I’m trying to conjure up.

We just brought to market a two bedroom penthouse at Two Worldwide Plaza and the buyer who craves that same feeling is who we are looking for. 39th floor, incredible views to the south and west. You can see all the way to One World Trade, and everywhere west.

Our marketing often refers to these properties with phrases related to birds, as a perch, an aerie, other words that appear in the crossword puzzles I do every day…

There’s no question that there is a part of us that wants to fly, I know I’m not alone!

Thinking about what inspires buyers is what visionary brokerage is all about. At the Harris Residential Team, we are Leading People Home.