VIDEO: When You Bring Your Family To Your New Apartment

One of my favorite times is when my customers, aka my homebuyers, bring their families to see their new apartment for the first time.

Of course, some buyers bring a consensus-building approach to their purchases, bringing lots of family members to the property before they choose to proceed.  Many others, however, leave their families out of the decision process.  School-age children, nosy parents, siblings, you name it.  They only get to see the apartment right before closing, or even afterwards.

And there have been many times when I get to witness when those people are seeing this new home with new eyes.

Kids react in a million different ways.  Parents are more careful.  Siblings are more supportive.

In this month’s video I also was reminded when my own children saw what was going to be their new apartment, before it was renovated.  I had to laugh, as they asked whether we would be painting the apartment “a little” before we moved in.  We were about to do a gut renovation to this apartment, which hadn’t seen a paintjob in more than 50 years- so of course…

Enjoy.  This is what Visionary Brokerage is all about. -S