VIDEO: How We Build Trust with Our Clients (And What We Want in Return)

This month we’re looking at technology and how it impacts real estate. Actually, it’s really about relationships and trust! Read below if you don’t want to watch the video, or are looking for a bit more explanation.

I have spent the last 16 years learning everything I can about the New York City high-end residential real estate and sharing it with you.

I aim to raise the bar in the real estate industry.

If my team and I are delivering a higher level of service, it is because of what we demand of ourselves – and what you deserve.

So, You might be surprised that I think that technology right now is a net negative in the marketplace.*

Technology is interrupting communication between buyers and sellers, and their representatives in a way that is eroding trust in agents in general. In a market that is still finding its footing, this is creating real barriers to deals being made.

There is no shortcut, no technology, to replace market knowledge, broker relationships, and wisdom. These are the real things that underpin trust building, and that get deals done.

So, in building this foundation with you, there IS something that We Want in Return. And it’s pretty simple. We ask that you empower us. Let us show you that you that our expertise and insight is still far more powerful today than the technology on offer.

Visionary Brokerage is about using all of our tools to get you where you want to go with your real estate.

*What was I going for here in the video?  It’s pretty hyperbolic to say that technology is a net negative on getting deals done. It’s easy to measure how much technology facilitates communication between buyers and agents, information about photos, floorplans, and all of the important basics. Yes, of course. Google drive, collaborative tools, all about efficiencies. Yes yes yes.

I’m thinking about Effectiveness vs Efficiency. And in this comparison, tech is helping with efficiency. Agents, buyers, sellers can be anywhere and review documents, sign things digitally from their phones, view apartments virtually, get things done.

But the effectiveness part is lacking. The effective trust building is being damaged by less phone discussions, agents are inserting themselves via advertising modules on Zillow and Streeteasy and have no business being involved with certain deals.

When it becomes about lead generation over relationship building, trust gets eroded. When it becomes more about deal making than market knowledge, trust gets eroded.

And in this realm, technology is definitely a net negative right now. Agents are viewed in a worse light than they were 10 years ago, and in my opinion, they are no less important to deal making than they were then.

Really as buyers think they know more, the trusted agent/buyer relationship is even more critical.

So, that’s my extended rant/explanation of my video this month. Please, please challenge me on this. Tell me that I’m way out of line! I have a lot of ideas of where technology could step in and assist with trust building, but it’s not there yet, unfortunately! -Scott