Lessons Learned from a Month of Facebook Live

After 10 years of keeping a monthly newsletter, I have discovered that I still quite like sharing what I’m learning about the real estate market, or from my travels around New York City and the world.  I’ve written about running, new developments, the good and bad behavior of agents, companies, apps, ideas, renovations, you name it.

I have thought of myself as a pretty good writer, with a decent turn of phrase.  That said, I’m very confident that I repeat myself a lot, use the same adjectives, and probably regurgitate the same ideas from time to time.

And what I’ve discovered is that the video platform gives me an opportunity to have a lot more fun, without having to worries as much about gaffes and typos.  I can get it out to you and to people who want to know more, in real time, what is going on in the marketplace.   And luckily, I am never at a shortage of things that I find interesting, want to talk about, and certainly things that I want to share with all of you.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve begun not only to continue my monthly videos for my newsletter and WISER Newsletters, but to post on Facebook Live and then to push those videos to Instagram, LinkedIn, and elsewhere.

he just found out what’s for dinner Thursday (except in team member shannon’s vegan household)

In November, which is also known as “Movember,” men grow mustaches and facial hair to help raise awareness of Men’s Health.  Unfortunately, since I have a terrible time growing a mustache, and my beard more resembles that of a more studious yeshiva attendee than a hipster Williamsburg resident, I chose to post a ton of Facebook Live videos this month instead.

What was I talking about?

I talked about beards, a Tale of Two Williamsburgs.  I spoke about how coops aren’t so cooperative.  I also went into some of the arcane and bizarre rules that might turn off buyers from renovating in cooperatives.  I spoke about the lending programs that cooperatives probably won’t allow, such as bridge loan programs or construction loan programs.  I spoke about whether Gen Z members are on Facebook at all, and what social media is working for real estate.  I talked about how brokers are marketing properties before they come to market.

I talked about how I think the market has reached a bottom, among lots of other things.

All of this I did with members of my team, The Harris Residential Team.  A huge thank you to Chloe Chasanoff, Emily Goldfrank, Cecile Caer, Eleni Kanalos, and Shannon Jones, each of whom took on the fun and daunting gauntlet that was hanging out with me on Facebook Live.

What Have I Learned?

I discovered that walking on that tightwire is really fun for me, and I’m getting more and more comfortable just talking about these topics in an unscripted way- but it definitely but my team members on the spot!  So thank you to them for rolling with the punches.  And I learned that it often takes a lot of conversation with my team and with my clients, and with others in real estate to help me solidify where I come out on an issue.  It’s been quite a joy to have the platforms to share my thoughts.

You can check out the videos on all of our platforms:




I also learned that people seem to enjoy video more than reading my posts, even if what I write about is really fun.  SO- more video, less typing, at least until I write my book on how we are going about elevating the real estate conversation in America.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!  Enjoy the videos, share them, tell me what you’d like to talk about, and buy some real estate!

Let’s talk!  Let me learn what you’re up to in your life, and how real estate can help get you there and be an expression of who you are.

Scott & the HRT