How’s the Market? Take a Look at my New Video that talks about it!

Happy End of the Summer!  We thought we would mix it up with our first VIDEO POST!

Enough writing, Scott- put your face on the screen…!

We had some fun doing this, it’s a minute and definitely has its promotional aspects.  I can’t wait to get your feedback.  We’re featuring a few of our listings as well.

I think we’ll start to do a lot more video in the future as well, and have a lot of fun doing it, too.  For now, enjoy this one!



Where do we come out on things?  Overall, the pace of sales has slowed, but inventory has also not grown substantially.  Buyers of large apartments and townhouses should be very intrigued by the opportunity this market presents with flat pricing and low mortgage rates, while sellers of “value apartments” should see significant activity due to low rates and lack of inventory.

Meanwhile, everything is predicated on PROPER PRICING.

You can see a SECOND VIDEO HERE!

This is another TV promotional video we did on 535 West 147th Street.  Funny enough, I wore the same tie!  Oops.  But it gives you a more in-depth sense of the property and what my hair looks like before a haircut.

And…if you want to hear a fun 10 Minute Video of me at a morning meeting talking about a lot of fun stuff from my 15 years in the market, click HERE.

I look forward to hearing from you! -Scott

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