Exclusive News Here- Scott and the Harris Residential Team are Going on TV!

No…not that TV show.  With a love of making fun of myself, a curiosity in exploring the New York City real estate market in more depth, and a variety of ways to present what Visionary Brokerage is all about, I’ve accepted the opportunity to be a part of American Dream NYC.

American Dream is a platform for a small cast of select NYC residential agents to present their thoughts on the market, show off some listings, and really make a show that is all about people and properties, and not about drama.  Simply put, it’s not reality TV.  Education, inspiration, seeing what’s next for buyers and sellers.

You can watch last season and other episodes here.

I see American Dream to be about the aspiration of coming to New York and living into your life as you envision it, rather than being mostly about interpersonal stuff.  While entertaining, and certainly a platform to launch some impressive real estate careers, I’m taking on American Dream NYC to be about really having fun in front of the camera, letting loose, and showing New York City living at its best!

The best part is that at the end of the season, the entire season (mid 2020) will appear as a series on Amazon Prime!  Fun stuff.

Stay tuned for more!